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The Overuse of Discipline Referrals

Saturday December 31, 2011
Discipline referrals are probably the highest level of punishment each teacher has in their arsenal. However, it is important that as teachers we don't overuse them. This article takes a ... Read More

Why Should We Teach?

Friday December 30, 2011
Teaching is tough, and many people we meet, including close family, sometime question why we do it. They feel sorry for us because of the pay or the kids. However, ... Read More

The Importance of Parents in Education

Friday December 30, 2011
Parents play a key role in their child's education. This article looks at the subtle and overt ways that parents can either help or hinder their child's educational career. In ... Read More

Impact of Teacher Words and Actions

Wednesday December 28, 2011
Teachers have a huge impact on their students in many ways. They help them learn and grow as individuals. However, as teachers, we must always remember that what we say ... Read More

Dealing with Teaching Stress

Monday December 26, 2011
The holidays are stressful times of year. It's not surprising that many teachers can begin to feel burned out after they are over and school is back in session. Teachers ... Read More

Integrating the Winter Holidays in Your Class

Sunday December 18, 2011
It's that time of year when many schools are winding down for the winter holidays. The following article is full of ideas and strategies that you can use as you ... Read More

Why Teachers Must Be Good Organizers

Saturday December 17, 2011
Teaching is a job that requires much more than simply presenting information to students and assessing their learning. In fact, much of the job of teaching is done behind the ... Read More

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