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Lecture Outline Series: History of China: The Golden Age Dynasties

The Golden Age Dynasties

618 A.D. - 1279 A.D.

History of China Lecture Outline

VIII. Tang Dynasty (618 - 906)

A. Golden Age of China
B. Confucianism rises again
C. Civil Service
D. First book printed
E. Tang Xuanaong (T'ang Hsuan-tsung)
F. Li Po

IX. Song (Sung) Dynasty (960 - 1279)

A. Final end of aristocratic domination of government
B. Neo-Confucianism and Wang An-shih
C. Footbinding
D. Northern China conquered, Song remain rulers in Southern portion

Part I: Ancient Dynasties
Part II:
Dynasties Before the Golden Age
Part IV:
A Period of Foreign and Peasant Dynasties
Part V:
Modern Dynasties (Nationalist and Communist Rule)

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