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Jeffersonian Democracy

American History Week Ten Warm Ups

  1. Name the two main exploring groups of the Louisiana territory.

    Answer: The Lewis and Clark expedition and Zebulon Pike's two expeditions.

  2. I was a Federalist that schemed to have New York and New England secede from the Union. I later was tried for treason because I wanted to separate the western half of the United States and join it with conquered Spanish territory. I also shot Alexander Hamilton. Who am I?

    Answer: Aaron Burr

  3. What was the significance of impressment during the Jeffersonian period of American History?

    Answer: Impressment is the forcible enlistment of sailors that was a significant area of contention between the United States and Great Britain. It became a rallying cry for war against the British and war did occur again in 1812.

  4. This act in 1807 made Thomas Jefferson a very unpopular president towards the end of his second term. It was his attempt to force Britain and France to respect America's rights. What was this act called?

    Answer: Embargo Act of 1807

  5. Which other president died the same day as Thomas Jefferson on July 4th, 1826?

    Answer: John Adams

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