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Madison and the War of 1812

American History Week Eleven Warm Ups

  1. The Twelfth Congress had a different complexion than previous Congresses. In 1811, what group came to power in Congress and who led them?

    Answer: War Hawks led by Henry Clay.

  2. Two future presidents gained fame during the War Hawk fervor, one against the Indians in 1811 and the other against the British in 1815. Name the President and his battle.

    Answer: William Henry Harrison - Tippecanoe; Andrew Jackson - New Orleans

  3. This treaty ended the War of 1812 two weeks BEFORE a decisive American victory. Name the treaty and the battle.

    Answer: Treaty of Ghent and the Battle of New Orleans.

  4. This section of the United States talked a great deal about seceding from the Union during the Madison era. They even held a convention from December 15, 1814 to January 5, 1815 to discuss their grievances. Name the section and the convention.

    Answer: New England and the Hartford Convention

  5. We had a rocky beginning with this nation, punctuated by calls for invasion. However, we now share the largest unprotected border in the world. Name this country.

    Answer: Canada

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