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French and Indian War

American History Week Three Warm Ups

  1. W hich explorer is known as the 'Father of New France'?

    Answer: Samuel de Champlain.
  2. George Washington's troops opened fire on the French in 1754 beginning what world war?

    Answer: Seven Years War or French and Indian War

  3. Which English statesman was known as the 'Organizer of Victory' and the 'Great Commoner'? He was also the mastermind behind England's Canadian victory in the French and Indian War.

    Answer: William Pitt

  4. List three causes of tension between the American colonists and the British at the end of the French and Indian War.

    Possible Answers:
    • Contempt of professional soldier for the amateur
    • British did not recognize any colonial commission above Captain
    • British crown did not feel the colonists were paying enough for protection
    • British looked down on the colonists saying that America was an 'outhouse'.
    • Colonists traded with the enemy

  5. What was the Proclamation of 1763?

    Answer: This proclamation was an attempt to solve the Indian problem fairly by prohibiting settlement beyond the Appalachian Mountains.

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