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US Constitution

American History Week Seven Warm Ups

  1. What was the name of the first constitution and state its two main problems?

    Answer: Articles of Confederation

    1. It could not regulate commerce.
    2. It could not enforce the collection of taxes.

  2. What major problem did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 solve?

    Answer: It solved the problem of how a nation is to deal with its colonial people, something the British could not do. The Northwest Ordinance provided a period of time during which new lands would be under the power of the federal government but would eventually become a state equal to all others.

  3. What was the 'Great Compromise' during the constitutional convention?

    Answer: It provided a way to solve the representation dispute between the large and small states. It was decided that the House of Representatives would be based on population, which would appease the large states. It was also decided that the Senate would be base on equal representation for all states, which would appease the small states.

  4. What was the three-fifths compromise?

    Answer: It gave slave states the ability to count a slave as three-fifth of a person for the purposes of determining representation and taxes.

  5. Who wrote the Federalist papers and what were they?

    Answer: John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton

    The Federalist papers were a series of articles published in New York newspapers intended to swing support in favor of the new constitution.

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