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The New American Republic

American History Week Eight Warm Ups

  1. What were the first three cabinet positions under George Washington? Who held each position?

    Answer: Secretary of State - Thomas Jefferson
    Secretary of the Treasury - Alexander Hamilton
    Secretary of War - Henry Knox

  2. Thomas Jefferson argued vehemently against a National bank and can be characterized as a strict constructionist. Alexander Hamilton proposed a National bank and was a loose constructionist. What is the difference between strict and loose constructionism?

    Answer: These terms deal with the interpretation of the Constitution. A strict constructionist believes the constitution should be interpreted literally or strictly, while a loose constructionist believes in a broad or loose interpretation of the Constitution.

  3. The United States has had a tradition of a two-party system since the days of Hamilton and Jefferson. Name the first two parties and their major differences.

    Answer: Hamiltonian Federalists - strong, central government
    Jeffersonian Republicans - stronger state governments

  4. What was the Neutrality Proclamation of 1793?

    Answer: A statement of neutrality by which all Americans were to abide in dealing with France and England. The fledgling U.S. was in no shape to take sides and decided to remain neutral. This was the first step in a long history of isolationism.

  5. The majority of George Washington's 'Farewell Address' was related to domestic affairs. However, what did he have to say about foreign policy?

    Answer: The U.S. should avoid 'permanent' foreign entanglements.

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