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John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

American History Week Nine Warm Ups

  1. Name the president and vice president in 1796, and tell why this pair does not seem to fit together.

    Answer: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
    Adams was a Federalist, and Jefferson was a Democratic Republican (Anti-Federalist). They were from different political parties because in the beginning of our history, the two individuals with the highest electoral votes became the President and Vice President respectively.

  2. What was the XYZ Affair?

    Answer: This occurred when American envoys were asked to pay a bribe of 250,000 dollars to see the French foreign minister Talleyrand. The French also demanded a loan of 32 million florins. X,Y and Z were the code names given to the French go-betweens.

  3. What were the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions?

    Answer: They were resolutions penned by Madison and Jefferson and adopted by the Virginia and Kentucky legislatures. They were a response to the Federalist 'Alien and Sedition' laws that were limiting some of the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

  4. What was the significance of Marbury v. Madison (1803)?

    Answer: It established the precedent of Judicial Review.

  5. What was bought on April 30, 1803 from the French for about 15 million dollars?

    Answer: Louisiana Purchase

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