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World History Warm Ups
Week 10: China Part I

1. What is the Mandate of Heaven?

Answer: The Chinese belief that the emperor who came to power was selected by heaven to rule.

2. I was a philosopher from the warring state period in Chinese history. I was born in 331 B.C. One of my central teachings was the concept of jen, which means the kindness and love humans should have for each other. I also spoke about the relationships people should have with one another. Who am I?

Answer: Confucius

3. Which emperor began the Great Wall of China?

Answer: Shih Huang Ti

4. Explain the civil service system during the T'ang dynasty?

Answer: A system that selected government officials based on their qualifications rather than their birth.

5. Name the Chinese emperor that Marco Polo visited in 1275 A.D.

Answer: Kublai Khan

For more about China, see this Lecture of Chinese History.

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