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Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Tests


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Use These Tips to Help Succeed on Multiple Choice Tests

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Tip #1: Read the question carefully before you begin eliminating answers. Make sure you understand what you are being asked and specifically look out for the word 'NOT' in the question.

Tip #2: Make sure you read through every answer even if you are sure the first or second is correct.

Tip #3: As you go through each answer, cross through the ones that you know are incorrect. If you have four possible answers and you can eliminate two you've increased your odds for a correct answer to 50%.

Tip #4: One method for 'guessing' as long as you are not penalized is to choose the longest answer choice.

Tip #5: A second method for 'guessing' is to always choose the same answer for each question you're unsure of UNLESS you are sure that answer is not correct. For example, you would always choose to answer 'C' for those questions you must guess on.

Tip #6: Pay close attention to the grammar of the question that it matches the answer you've chosen.

Tip #7: If opposite answers are given as choices, one of them is often the right answer.

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