1. Education

Edward VIII - King of England


Birth of Edward VIII:

June 23, 1894, White Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey, England


May 27, 1972, Paris, France; Buried at Windsor Castle in Berkshire

Early Influences:

  • Influenced by his male nanny, valet and butler, Finch
  • Was not close to his father, King George V
  • Winston Churchill was mentor and friend
  • Henry Hansell was tutor and friend


  • Royal Naval College at Osborne, Isle of Wight in 1907
  • Dartmouth Royal Naval College in 1909
  • Magdalen College, Oxford University in 1912

Major Accomplishments:

  • Coronated Prince of Wales in 1911
  • Succeeded to throne after his father died in 1936, reigned for 325 days
  • Named Duke of Windsor by his brother, King George VI, on December 12, 1936 - two days after Edward's abdication
  • Appointed Governor of the Bahamas by Winston Churchill - 1940-45

Significance of Edward VIII:

  • Fell in love with a married woman - Mrs. Wallis Simpson - an American married to a British subject
  • Abdicated his throne on December 10, 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson
  • After marrying Wallis Simpson on June 3, 1937, lived the rest of his life outside of Great Britain
  • Thought to be a Nazi sympathizer by the British after his visit to Germany in October, 1937
  • During World War II, escaped from Paris during the fall of France and went to Lisbon


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