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John Smith - Colonial Leader


John Smith - Colonial Leader

Captain John Smith

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c. 1579


June 21, 1631

Early Influences:

  • Father died when he was young
  • Left home at age 16
  • He spent two years fighting the Turks where he was captured and sold as a slave
  • Escaped after two years
  • Joined the London Company in 1606


  • No information available
  • Learned a lot fighting in various wars

Major Accomplishments:

  • One of the 105 original settlers of the Jamestown colony, 1607
  • Explored the Chickahominy River
  • Initiated into the Algonquin tribe with the help of Pochantas
  • Secured badly needed corn from the Indians to ensure survival
  • Map of Virginia, 1612
  • Description of New England, 1616
  • General Historie of Virginia, 1624


  • Helped establish the first permanent English colony in North America at Jamestown, VA Was initiated into the Algonquin tribe after being saved from execution by the Indian Princess, Pocahontas Was instrumental in getting corn from the Indians for starving settlers In England, actively promoted the colonization of Virginia Gave us a description of New England, a map of Virginia and a history of Virginia


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