1. Education
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Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung) - Political Leader



December 26, 1893, Hunan Province, China


September 9, 1976, Beijing, China

Early Influences:

  • Born into a well-to-do peasant family
  • Exposed to the political upheaval brought by Sun Yat-sen
  • Given an orchestral post at Weimar in 1703 (age 18)


  • Attended local primary school where he studied Confucian classics
  • Studied for half of a year alone; prone to independent study throughout his life
  • Graduated from Hunan First Normal School in 1918

Major Accomplishments:

  • One of the three great theorists of Marxian Communism (Marx and Lenin were the other two)
  • Founding member of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921
  • Gained control of China in 1949
  • One of three peasants to rise to rule all of China


  • Unified China by bringing down the Nationalists
  • Led one of the greatest social revolutions in human history
  • His themes have impacted many parts of the Third World


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