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Goal Setting

Maintaining Motivation and Momentum


Once students have made goals, sub goals and a schedule for completion, they are ready for the real work: Changing their own behavior.

Since telling students that they are beginning a difficult task can be discouraging, you will have to use your professional judgement to decide when to discuss the difficulties people encounter when they attempt to develop new patterns of behavior. Helping them to see this opportunity as a challenge that successful people master may help. Focussing on people who have overcome major challenges in their lives could also lead nicely into a unit on heroes.

Begin the lesson this third goal lesson by asking students to review their goal dreaming worksheet for the goal area they are working on and their goal writing worksheet. Then lead students through the steps on the worksheet Maintaining Motivation and Momentum.

If you or your students come up with interesting variations on any of the suggested motivation methods, please send them in or post them on our bulletin board.

I hope these worksheets will be a help to your studentsand that you will give me some feedback--positive or negative so I can improve them.

Have a happy new year!

Written by Diane Walker
Updated by Melissa Kelly

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