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How to Create a Discussion Cube


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  • Based on the progression of Bloom's Taxonomy, use this powerful tool as a discussion starter! Your students will enjoy the 'chance' involved.

    Difficulty: Average

    Time Required: 20 minutes

    Here's How:

    1. Get an 8 X 11 piece of cardstock.
    2. Use a pencil and draw three equal columns lengthwise.
    3. Turn the paper widthwise and make draw equal columns.
    4. Turn the paper back lengthwise and lightly label each square using the numbers 1-12. Move left to right first then move to the second and third rows.
    5. Use ink to label square number two 'Define the Problem'.
    6. Label square number five 'Explain the problem in your own words'.
    7. Label square number seven 'Give an example/illustration of the problem'.
    8. Label square number nine 'Give a possible solution to the problem'.
    9. Label square number 11 'Analyze possible solutions tot he problem for strengths and weaknesses'.
    10. Label square number eight 'Evaluate possible solutions to the problem'.
    11. Cut out squares one, three, four, six, 10, and 12.
    12. Fold the box with the labels facing out and tape securely.
    13. Model using each side of the die.


    1. Rename the label as suits your class. Mine is focused on issues. Make sure your labels show a progression according to Bloom's Taxonomy.
    2. Students can be in charge of rolling the die.

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