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Halloween Lesson Plan Ideas

Planning Across the Curriculum


No matter how old the student, chances are he or she'll feel cheated if you do nothing to recognize one of children's best loved holidays, Halloween. Hoping to make the holiday fun for you and your students, I've gathered activities and Internet links to celebrate Halloween across the curriculum.


  1. For directions for making different types of ghosts, check Ghost Crafts.
  2. Directions for making a tiny witch doll and a pumpkin.
  3. For a unique pumpkin, try a portrait pumpkin following directions at Yahoo Voices: Portraits.


  1. Do your warm up exercises making ghost sirens.

Classes with Computers

  1. Make iron on graphics for tee shirts.
  2. Middle school students may enjoy a Halloween Hunt for facts.


  1. Have improvisation exercises in which students randomly walk around the stage impersonating a ghost, bat, cat, pumpkin or Frankenstein.
  2. Have groups present Halloween children's storybooks with one person reading and the others impersonating scenery and contributing sound effects.
  3. Do the same as above with readings from The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe or with Excerpts from Ann Rices' novels.

Thanks to Steve Mulder.

English and Languages

  1. Halloween Analogy Questions
  2. Journal Topics
    • Describe your scariest childhood Halloween memory.
    • Describe the best Halloween costume made yourself or that you helped to make.
    • Describe the best way for children to celebrate Halloween.
    • How would you like to celebrate Halloween differently?
    • Describe Halloween from the viewpoint of a vampire bat.
    • Create a holiday you would like to substitute for Halloween.
    • Write an autobiography of a Jack O Lantern.
    • Write a poem about Halloween.
  3. Essay Topics
    • Describe a neighborhood street on Halloween night.
    • Describe a memorable Halloween party.
    • Describe in detail an unusual Halloween costume.
    • Explain why Halloween is celebrated today in the United States.
    • Explain why you think trick-or-treating is (or is not) dangerous.
    • Explain the likely consequences of vandalizing property.
    • Persuade a local merchant to give children candy on Halloween.
    • Persuade your parents to let you have a Halloween party on a school night.
    • Persuade your best friend to be the rear section of your _______ costume. (You decide what the costume will be.)
    • Persuade your school principal to show __________ all afternoon to celebrate Halloween. (You name a movie)

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  1. You and your students will enjoy these challenging problems involving Halloween systems of measurement.
  2. Visit the site About's Animal feature, Bats for more information on each of these topics.

Social Studies

  1. Learn about the history of Halloween.
  2. Don't miss

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