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Halloween Math

Word Problems


1. Calculate the amount fabric that would be needed to make the orange part of a pumpkin costume. Assume the pumpkin will be 30" in diameter and 15" high.


2. Determine how much money you will have to spend to satisfy seventy-five trick or treaters. (You decide what they get.)


3. If every fourth trick-or -treater is a vampire, and every 6th, robot, how many of each will you see if seventy-five trick -or treaters come to your door?


4. Using one of the recipes at ___________________ determine how much of each ingredient you would need to make enough for the entire class.


5. I have a pumpkin that is a perfect sphere with a diameter of 14 inches. If I cut out two eyes and a nose that are equilateral triangles of two inches on a side and I cut out a rectangular mouth that is two inches high and five inches wide, what percentage of the pumpkin shell have I removed?


6. My little brother left two minutes ago on his bike to ride with his friends to the cemetery. If he pedals at 5 miles an hour to the cemetery which is 1 mile from here, and I go the back way (2 and a half miles) so he won't see the car) how fast do I have to drive Dad's car to get there at least a full minute ahead of him so I can hide and scare them?

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