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Language Arts
Guide picks
Numerous excellent resources for language arts teachers.

Banned Books
Resources and articles about books banned in recent years.

Here are some great biographies using the biographical information framework along with information about using them in class.

Journals Online
Teach students how to effectively use journaling throughout their lives. Great examples here.

Daily Warm Ups
Thirty-Six weeks of daily questions to get your students warmed up for class.

Language Arts Lesson Plans
Find some great resources to use and supplement your own lessons.

Language Arts Teaching Resources
Wonderful aids for the 7-12 Language Arts teacher.

Instructional resources for teaching with metaphors.

Novels: Resources
Help for language arts teachers using novels. General lesson plans and specific novels covered.

Poetry Resources
Some individuals claim that people can not be taught to be poets. Whether or not this is true is debatable. However, anyone can learn to enjoy the beauty of poetry. These sites will lead you and students to a deeper understanding and hopefully love of poetry. Meta

Reading Lists
Suggested reading for high school and college bound students.

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