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Tired of trying to think of new lesson plan ideas? The internet is the teacher's best friend. I didn't believe it until I started what seems like full-time surfing. I've not only found great sites to use in class, but also numerous sources for lesson plans. The fact is, everywhere I look it seems like I find lesson plan banks. Finally we can connect with other teachers. We can share those great ideas. We can also find guidance for those lessons that just don't seem to be working. Lesson plan banks allow the user to not only contribute, but also view the fruits of others' efforts.

So what's the catch? Format and time. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Many of the banks do not have the most user-friendly of formats, and it takes a lot time of time to peruse every available lesson in one subject area. The way to combat both of these problems is to find well organized, well-formatted lesson plan banks. That's why I'm here! Following is a short list of the lesson plan banks that so far I have found to be the best. I have used lesson from the first two, and have found some interesting ideas on the third.

The Gateway to Educational Materials (Note: this is by far the best site because of how easy it is to search!)

Education World's Teacher Lesson Plans

Make sure to visit this guide's Lesson Plan Bank page for further information.

I wish you good luck in searching for just the right activity or assignment.

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