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Two to Ten Minute Activities

Mini-Lessons to Fill Two to Ten Minutes



Using the acronym SCAMPER you place an object in view and ask students improve something altering attributes using the following changes:

C ombine
A dapt
M inify or Magnify
P ut to other uses.
E liminate
R everse

Set a time limit, and have students share their new creation. Sharing helps rigid thinkers loosen up and provides reinforcement for creative thinkers.

2. List Making

Have students make lists like those in Edward de Bono's in his thinking skills materials.
If you are unfamiliar with de Bono's material, be sure to treat yourself to it, as it's effective and great fun.

3. Guessing

Mystery bag - Students ask yes or no questions to guess what's in a bag.

Fun with Numbers - Students must guess the questions to the answers you write on the board.

Brain Teasers - Some ideas for brain teasers and lateral thinking puzzles.

4. Creating Mnemonic Devices

Show students the top ten list of mnemonic devices and challenge them to create their own for your the day's lesson, or other important material in your course.

5. Discussing Unusual Topics

Use topics from The Book of Questions, by Gregory Stock, for discussion ideas.

6. Reading Poems Aloud

Gather a collection of poems you can read aloud to students or have students read their favorites.

7. Examining Optical Illusions

Put optical illusions on transparencies to end the period on a light note.

8. Writing Cryptograms

Challenge students to decipher the codes of literary cryptograms.

9. Think of New Ways

Add to the creative list of 101 Ways To Say No.

10. Solving Word Puzzles

Challenge students to solve word and crossword puzzles found in you local newspaper.

11. Solving Other Kinds of Puzzles

Exercise reading skills with mini mysteries..

You will find an abundance of other types of puzzles are available at thinks.com.

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