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Tips for Holding a Math Fair


Tips for Holding a Math Fair

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April is math awareness month, and many schools plan math fairs at that time of year. However, math fairs do not just have to occur in April. If you have decided to create a math fair, then you will want to make a few major decisions and help your students as they come up for projects for the fair.


Math Fairs come in two formats: teacher-driven and student-driven. The teacher-driven Math Fair is generally used in earlier grades. Teachers set up stations which allow students and their parents to learn about and experience math. Examples for exhibits might include graphing, number games, and statistics.

Student-driven math fairs are similar to Science Fairs except that student projects must deal with mathematical topics. Judges would then present awards to the best presentations. Students and parents could tour the exhibit in the evening to see the awards.

The following sites might give you further ideas for hosting a Math Fair.

How to Set Up a Multicultural Math Fair
Use the information here to help set up a teacher-driven Math Fair.

Science Fair Checklist

While written specific to Science Fairs, this checklist can be modified to help prepare for the student-driven Math Fair as well.

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