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Math Fair Projects

Ideas and Information to Help Students With Mathematics Projects



Create slide presentations showing shapes and symmetry in nature or fractals in nature.

Determine relative strength of shapes or make designs with circles.

Use paper models of various 3-D shapes including polyhedra to demonstrate principles of geometric shapes or to represent crystals.
Note: The 3-D Drawing and Geometry page provides several additional shape project ideas.


Illustrate angles with a bridge building project.


Everybody loves a bubble! Bubbles may be studied at elementary or sophisticated levels involving the refraction of light in beautiful illustrations. You will find many Internet resources on bubbles including bubble formulae for bubbles that can last throughout a math fair.


Many resources are also available on Tesselations. Some especially interesting and useful ones include the following:

Investigating Tessellations

The Geometer's Sketchpad and Tessellations
A tutorial for making tesselations with a drawing program.

What Is a Tessellation?
A tutorial for making tessellations.

Tessellations from Hawaii
Brilliant colors and designs in these tessellations are inspiring.

Tessellation Tutorials
Here are some good tutorials and templates for making tessellations.


Procedure to Make A Seismograph
Step-by-step directions for a homemade seismograph.

Word Problems

Some project ideas may come from word problems. For challenging questions check fermi questions, locker problems and traffic jam problems may provide ideas for interesting problem/solution display projects.


Have your students apply mathematical concepts to these simple moving projects made in elementary schools to become higher level fair projects.

Data Analysis

Analyzing data gathered from Internet sources


CPS Patterns in Nature

Eye Opener Series
Eye Opener Series is a collection of Java applets that illustrate and thus help to solve or prove various math problems.

Probability Problems
Discussion of Probability Theory and different problems for practice.

Additional Math Resources

Math Lesson Plans

Math Internet Resources

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