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Debate Rubric

Following is a rubric to use for debates. You can complete this on your own, but I usually have my 'audience' members fill one out too. Rate each category on a scale of one to ten and count all ten evenly for a total of 100 points.

Date: _________
Subject of Debate:____________________________________
Pro or Con (Circle one) Which Side Won: ___________________

Criteria Rate:
Appearance of Team
(Professionally dressed.)

Opening statements
were well organized.

Team members addressed
remarks to the audience.

Opening statements
were not read from cards.

Both team members
participated equally
in opening statement.

Students spoke loud
enough to be heard.

Rebuttal was specific to
arguments made in the
opposing team's opening

Both team members
participated equally in
the rebuttal.

Answers to audience
questions were well
thought out.

Respect was shown
throughout the debate
for the opposing team.
(No name calling,
interruptions, etc. )

Points Earned: ______________/100 Points

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