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Persuasive Essay Rubric

Following is a standard persuasive essay rubric that you can adapt and use in your own class. It is most effective if handed out and explained to the students when the essay is assigned.

Score each of the following aspects of the essay from 1 to 5 with 5 very strong and 1 very weak.

  1. ____Introduction is interesting.
  2. ____Thesis is present and correctly formatted.
  3. ____Opposing paragraphs sound reasonable.
  4. ____The three reason paragraphs each start with a topic sentence.
  5. ____Transitions connect all paragraphs.
  6. ____Reason paragraphs have proper structure. (topic sentence, explanatory sentences, specific, colorful examples, closing sentence)
  7. ____Essay ends with a call to action.
  8. ____The appropriate audience is addressed.
  9. ____A variety of sentence patterns is used.
  10. ____Details are specific and interesting.

Overall Score: _____ / 50

The most important thing to work on to improve this essay is ________________________________.

Read Creating and Using Rubrics to give advice for using rubrics in class.

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