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World History Warm Ups

Daily warm ups or do nows are tools that every teacher should have in their educational arsenal. Warm ups can be given to students at the beginning of the period to review a previous topic or to introduce new material. They give students something to accomplish of an educational nature while allowing the teacher time to take roll and perform other housekeeping duties.

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Week One - Mesopotamia Part I

Week Two - Mesopotamia Part II

Week Three - Egypt

Week Four - Greece

Week Five - Rome

Week Six - Roman Empire

Week Seven - Christianity/The Fall of Rome

Week Eight - India Part I

Week Nine - India Part II

Week Ten - China Part I

Week Eleven - China Part II

Week Twelve - Japan Part I

Week Thirteen - Japan Part II

Week Fourteen - Africa

Week Fifteen - Rise of Islam

Week Sixteen - Byzantine Empire

Week Seventeen - Central and Latin America

Week Eighteen - Europe in the Middle Ages

Week Nineteen - Renaissance

Week Twenty - Protestant Reformation

Week Twenty-One - Europe in Crisis: Religious Wars and the Rise of Absolutism

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