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You can save plenty of money if you know where to find individual educator discounts! Although the amount of savings varies, comparison shopping online makes finding bargains is a cinch.

Becoming Eligible for Educator Discounts

While the companies listed below are eager to serve you, they will require you to verify your eligibility. They must prove they do not give educator discounts to industry or to the general public.

Several methods are used to determine eligibility. Some are as simple as showing a school ID. Others require something more such as verification of employment on school stationery accompanied by a picture ID, or a copy of a pay check with the amount blackened. In the case of International Teacher Identification Card, you must purchase an ID to be eligible for world wide travel discounts.

Where to Find Educator Discounts

I have corresponded with account representatives of most of the companies listed below to be certain they had discounts for personal purchases by individual educators.


Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble offers a 20% discount off the list price of hardbacks and 15% off that of soft cover books. Other non-sale items may also be bought at a discount. According to customer service you will need to ask for details at your school.

Book Warehouse

Book Warehouse offers a 15% discount to all educators with proper identification. Find the nearest store to you through their website.

Computer Software and Hardware

Academic Warehouse

Academic Warehouse offers educational specials on a product list (Please note the product list is an excel file.) To verify prices and to order, contact the sales rep for your state by email or phone. You need a valid faculty ID which can include a letter on school letterhead.


At Dell you can customize basic systems and receive 2-4% off of retail price. You can also buy software and peripherals for your Dell system. You will be required to give the name of your school and the school's identification number.


Discounts are available around the world for travel, purchases, and services for teachers holding the International Teacher Identity Card . You can apply for your ID card at the ITIC site.

While I didn't find domestic airlines advertising individual educator discounts, I did discover a source for great deals at Snooze or Lose.

If you come across additional discounts that are not restricted by residence or union membership, please let me know, so I can add them here. And remember-- wherever you shop, ask for an educator discount. If one is not available, discuss the benefits of giving one and of being on this list. Feel free to leave this URL


with business people who seem like they might be swayed by online exposure. If we work together, we may be able to save even more!

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