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Two Compare/Contrast Prewriting Charts

Two Methods to Compare Subjects or Ideas


Two Compare/Contrast Prewriting Charts

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Two very different charts can be used to compare to subjects or ideas. They are useful in classes throughout the curriculum. Teachers can use them as stand-alone assignments or as prewriting charts.

Compare/Contrast Chart #1 - Specific Categories, Numerous Subjects
The step-by-step instructions explain how to create a chart that looks like this. The advantage of this chart is that you can easily compare more than two subjects. The example shows the comparison of four different Robber Barons. The disadvantage of this chart is that there is not a lot of detail included. In fact, the main work of this chart is creating the categories for comparison.

Compare/Contrast Chart #2 - Flexible Categories, Two Subjects
This chart allows a little more flexibility in methods of comparison. It allows students to include more details for each subject being compared. However, it is more difficult to compare more than two subjects easily, and teachers might find that the quality of each student's work varies greatly.

More resources for writing the compare/contrast essay can be found here.

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