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General Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Persuade your teachers to stop giving you so much work.

2. Persuade the school board to pay for your class to go to Disney World or Bush Gardens every year.

3. Persuade your parents to let you stay up later on week nights.

4. Persuade your parents to extend your curfew.

5. Persuade your brother to let you borrow his favorite shirt.

6. Persuade the teacher to extend the deadline for a major project.

7. Persuade your friend to go to a club with you.

8. Persuade your mother to give you a bigger allowance.

9. Convince your teacher to stop assigning persuasive essays.

10. Persuade a student to stay in school.

11. Persuade your principal to let you leave class early if your work is done.

12. Persuade your mother to let you borrow the car.

13. Persuade your little brother or sister to do your chores.

14. Persuade your dean not to give you internal suspension.

15. Convince your parent to let you borrow the car.

16. Persuade your parents to buy an 80" screen TV.

17. Persuade the school board to return to last year's grading scale.

18. Convince your friend to stop acting like a jerk.

19. Persuade your parent to let you go out more often.

20. Persuade your parent to give you a birthday party.

21. Persuade your mother to let you wear a hair style she doesn't like.

22. Persuade your parent to allow you to get a drivers license.

23. Persuade your parents to take over your chores.

24. Persuade your teacher not to give homework on Fridays.

25. Convince your mother that you are a safe driver.

26. Persuade your parent to buy you expensive sneakers.

27. Persuade your parent to let you get a particular pet.

28. Persuade your parent to let you visit a friend in another town.

29. Persuade your English teacher never to give homework again.

30. Persuade the School board to extend lunch time.

31. Persuade your dean to give you a break even though you broke the rules.

32. Persuade your principal to give you every Friday off.

33. Persuade your teacher to give you a free day.

34. Persuade your teacher to let you watch a movie every Friday.

35. Persuade your parent to get you your own phone line.

36. Persuade your brother to let you borrow his new radio.

37. Persuade a bank loan officer to give you a loan.

38. Persuade your principle to give a dance for students who earned 3.0 GPA last quarter.

39. Persuade your boss to give you a day off.

40. Convince the school board to use school buses for city transportation during the school day.

41. Convince the cafeteria to provide a different menu.

42. Persuade our parents to reduce the number of chores you have to do.

43. Persuade Florida's senators to increase the speed limit by ten miles.

44. Persuade your parents to let you pierce your tongue.

45. Convince Pat Riley that you should be the coach of the Miami Heat.

46. Convince a person from the cool clique to hang out with a nerd for one day.

47. Convince your girlfriend or boyfriend to wear different clothes.

48. Persuade your friend to break up with her boyfriend.

49. Convince the dean to change our Geometry class.

50. Persuade your parents to let you go to a party.


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