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Before You Buy Gifts for Educators

Every year parents, family members and fellow teachers ponder what gifts to give to the educators who touch their lives. Let this be your guide to great ideas that educators will love. I have tried to keep all of these gift ideas under $25.00. Good luck finding the perfect gift for the educator in your life.

Inspirational Gifts
Educators are some of the most underpaid and unappreciated professionals there are. Help them see how important they really are with inspirational gifts.

• Top 10 Inspirational Movies for Educators
• Top 6 Inspirational Books for Educators

Motivational Gifts
As educators head into the second half of the school year they often find themselves stressed and close to burnout. Give them a much needed motivational book with these top picks. These choices are not education-specific so you might find them useful for others on your gift-giving list.

• Top 8 Motivational Books for Educators
• Top 6 Motivational Audio Books for Educators (coming soon)

Enjoyable Pastimes
Provide the educator in your life with a fun diversion.

• Top 6 Board Games
• Top 10 Edible Gifts

When All Else Fails
Here are some ideas for gifts when you just can not find the item that you want.

• Top 10 Gift Certificates
• Top 10 Unique Gifts Under $10 (coming soon)

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