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What is your Teacher Personality?

Take the following quiz to find out what type of teacher personality you have. Are you the ditto master, the strict disciplinarian, the fair and balanced, or the popular teacher? Maybe you're more coach than teacher? Surely you're not the walking carpet! Of course, the results are nonscientific and mostly meant for fun. Enjoy!

Which of the following phrases would you say most described you in high school?
Class Clown
Most Likely to Succeed
Teacher’s Pet
Class Royalty
Class Geek

Which fashion do you wish would come back in style?
Leg Warmers
Bare Feet
Hula Hoops
Slicked back hair
I have no fashion sense

What was your favorite subject(s) in school? (Choose from 1 to 3)
Physical Education
Fine Arts
Practical Arts

It’s the first day of school. Answering honestly, how many days and/or weeks of lesson plans would you have prepared?
0 days
1 day
5 days
2 weeks
1 month
6 months
Entire year

As a teacher, how would you view pep rally days?
They are a waste of time.
They often lead to further disciplinary problems for the rest of the day.
They are a nice break.
They are great for school spirit.
They are important for allowing students to let off steam.
They are an integral part of the high school experience.

Which of the following foreign languages did you or would you have taken in high school if available? (Choose from 1 to 3)

Which do you agree with most: It’s the first week of school. This is a time to:
Allow kids to get to know you better without requiring a lot of work.
Teach the students your rules and enforce them strictly.
Get to know each student while testing them to find their level of learning.
Jump right in and get started on the curriculum.

Honestly answer the following: You have a troublesome high school senior who has gotten in repeated problems in your class. One day he cusses at you as he storms out of the class. He is sent to a week’s detention. When he returns to class you,
Ignore him completely.
Greet him warmly acting as if nothing happened.
Greet him coldly and let him know through body language that you are still upset about what happened.
Greet him coldly and let him know in front of the whole class that you were very disappointed in his behavior.
Take him aside and discuss what happened with the student, allowing him to know that you are willing to wipe the slate clean if he agrees to begin again without an attitude.

Which do you agree with most:
Students are all the same.
Students are different but there is just not enough time to help each one individually.
While everyone has strengths and weaknesses, too much is made of intelligences and learning styles.
It is a teacher’s job to teach each individual according to his or her need.
Teachers should allow students to decide when they are ready to move on to the next assignment.

In your opinion, which of the following is the most accurate - The main problem with education is:
poor teachers.
bad parenting.
loose morals amongst kids.
lack of support for teachers from schools.
lack of support for teachers from parents.
legal pressures against teachers.

Which television series (past and present) would you be most likely to watch?
Fear Factor
American Idol
Fresh Prince
Road Rules
Star Trek: TNG
I don’t watch TV

Where are you most likely to get your news:
Local News
Fox News
Weather Channel
I don’t listen to or read the news.

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