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Past Issues of Weekly Articles From the Year 2000

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12/14/00 - Goals and Resolutions for the New Year
Help your students and your own dreams come true through effective goal writing.

12/07/00 - Winter Holiday Lesson Plans: Creating a Winter Solstice Festival
December is full of holidays around the world. Celebrate the diversity with your classes.

11/26/00 - Winter Holiday Lesson Plans: Integrating the Holidays into Class.
Different and unique ways to integrate the holidays into class.

11/08/00 - How Does the Electoral College Work?
Answers to all of your and your students' questions about how the American electoral system works.

11/02/00 - Macy's Day Parade in Class
Connect Macy's Day Parade to your curriculum. Teach about the history, balloon making and more.

11/02/00 - Thanksgiving Across the Curriculum
Utilize these lesson plans throughout the curriculum to connect Thanksgiving to what is being studied.

10/26/00 - Creatively Displaying Student Work
Give students great ideas for turning their hard work into treasure.

10/19/00 - Holding Those Responsible Accountable
Teachers are far from the only group of people who need to be held acocuntable for failing schools.

10/11/00 - Halloween Lesson Plan Ideas
Use Halloween to build interest in classes throughout the curriculum.

09/30/00 - Mini Lesson Plans to Upgrade Downtime
Fill up those extra minutes left at the end of class with awesome mini-activities.

09/21/00 - Teaching to a Higher Standard: Forget Standardized Testing
Do standardized tests show what students actually know? Read how one instructor has rebelled against teaching to the test, and continues to focus on what is really important: authentic learning.

09/14/00 - Writing Acceptable English
This compelling article by Professor William Harris argues that we have lost the ability to write clear and understandable English in today's world. He also gives suggestions for educators to combat this alarming problem.

08/31/00 - Journals in the Classroom
Journal writing is an exceptional instructional tool across the curriculum. Read about tips to using journals in the classroom and also find over 100 journal topics!

08/24/00 - Motivation, Motivation, Motivation
Motivation is probably the most significant factor in getting students to learn. Here are tips to help your students get motivated!

08/17/00 - Active Listening for the Classroom
Review essential elements of active listening to improve students' motivation, discipline, study skills and more.

08/10/00 - Back to School: The Icebreaker
Warm up the classroom environment with these great icebreaker activities.

08/10/00 - Back to School: Getting Reconnected
Education can only occur when students feel connected to what they are learning. Use these strategies to help your students reconnect to school after summer break.

08/07/00 - Setting a Positive Tone for the New School Year
Starting off the school year on the right foot is so important. These techniques can help make your year productive from day one.

07/18/00 - Book Review: And Still We Rise
Read about an Advanced Placement English class at one of the toughest schools in the nation. These students will amaze you in their perseverence.

07/12/00 - Using Historical Photos in Class
Primary source documents such as historical photographs can truly bring education home to students. Find great ways to integrate them in your classroom.

06/18/00 - Class of 2000: eBook Review
This eBook details the results of a four-year CBS study of the Class of 2000. Much of what they found was enlightening and informative.

06/15/00 - Writing Grants: Sources and Tips
Finding and writing grants is a time consuming and often difficult task. Find sources and tips here.

06/01/00 - Year Round Education: Pros and Cons
Why are many educational reformers advocating year round education? What are the problems associated with this system?

05/25/00 - Dealing with End of the Year Stress
Teacher burnout is a common occurrence among both new and veteran teachers. Find out why, and some ways to help.

05/09/00 - Effective Speech Writing
Writing speeches is often an arduous task. Here are some strategies and resources that can help you write awesome speeches.

05/01/00 - School Uniforms
How do we make schools safer? One answer that many school districts are turning to is uniforms.

04/18/00 - School Violence
How prevalent is violence in schools? Find out the latest statistics along with what you can do to combat it.

04/11/00 - Census Jobs for Summer
Earn money this summer helping to gather census information. Salaries range all the way up to $20.00 per hour in some places.

04/03/00 - Concerns about Integrating the Internet
Part II. There are many valid concerns about integrating the internet into the classroom. Here are some possible solutions.

04/03/00 - Integrating the Internet into the Classroom
Part I. The internet has many uses throughout the curriculum. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

03/27/00 - Integrating Curriculum
School should be seen as a connected whole, not a bunch of individual courses. Help your students make connections.

03/20/00 - Teaching Through Biographies
The biography is a useful tool to capture the imaginations of students and get them interested in great people.

03/13/00 - Make Your Life Easier with Rubrics
These tools make grading complicated assignments a snap. Find reasons, a how-to, and examples.

03/06/00 - Vouchers: Betraying Public Education?
Are vouchers the right answer to increase standards and improve education?

02/28/00 - Censorship and Book Banning in Schools
Harry Potter censored? Huckleberry Finn? Read about why here. Also get ideas to combat potential problems.

02/21/00 - Celebrating George Washington
Bring a positive example of a politician into your classroom! Great lesson plan ideas can be adapted for any individual.

02/14/00 - A Special Valentine for You
Special feature with history, literature, plus a pamper yourself section.

02/07/00 - Modular (Block) Schedules - Part II
Strategies for teaching under a Block Schedule. Second part of a two-part article concerning modular schedules.

01/06/00 - Modular (Block) Schedules - Part I
The pros and cons of implementing a Block Schedule. First part of a two-part article concerning modular schedules.

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