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Past Issues of Weekly Articles From the Year 2001

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11/02/01 - Top 10 Inspirational Movies for Educators
Educators need to be reminded of the importance of their jobs. Here are ten movies that inspire us and make us feel proud to be in the field of education where we really do have an impact.

10/17/01 - Halloween in the Classroom Updated
Take advantage of students' interest in Halloween. Find great lesson plan ideas for use throughout the curriculum including an Internet Scavenger Hunt, Journal Ideas and Scary Math Word Problems.

09/27/01 - Lessons on Plagiarism
Plagiarism is a terrible practice that has become increasingly common in classrooms. Teacheres need to come down forcefully on offenders. Find lessons and ideas for teaching about plagiarism here.

09/11/01 - Terrorism and the Classroom
The world has changed with the terrible events of September 11, 2001. Use these techniques to help students deal with terrorist attacks.

09/05/01 - How is a Teacher Like a Pregnant Woman?
Enjoy this humorous comparison of teaching and pregnancy. See if you too can survive the trimesters and the labor and delivery phase of teaching.

08/13/01 - Back to School Special
Three things are required to have an effective and enjoyable school year. Find out what they are and utilize the resources gathered here.

08/08/01 - Setting a Positive Tone Updated
Start the school year out right from the first day. Use the information in this updated article to help you and your students have a great year.

07/27/01 - Welcome to Secondary School Educators
Use this guide site map to learn all about the resources available to you here at About's Secondary School Educators site.

07/14/01 - Using Historical Photos to Enliven Education
Historical photographs provide true teaching moments. Students know they are looking at history. However, there are many pitfalls to be wary of when using these in class.

05/24/01 - High Stakes Testing
Is earning money for test grades a good thing? That's what a county in Florida has recently implemented as incentives for students to score high on the state standardized test.

05/17/01 - Dealing With End of the Year Stress Updated
Summer is almost here if only you can get through the paperwork that comes with ending a school year. Find methods for survival here.

04/19/01 - Effective Speech Writing Updated
Updated tips, resources and information to help you write the best speeches possible.

03/22/01 - Teaching the Compare/Contrast Essay
Step-by-step instructions and student handouts to help teach and grade compare/contrast essays.

03/15/01 - Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom
These cartoons can enhance curriculum while bring humor into your classes. Find great worksheets and activities to use today.

03/08/01 - Educator Discounts
Take advantage of the perks of teaching. Use these discounts to buy computer equipment, books and travel.

02/21/01 - Part II: Writing Across the Curriculum - Prompts
With increased emphasis on writing in state assessments, all classes have begun to teach writing. Use this article to help write effective prompts for writing assignments.

02/12/01 - A Special Valentine
Here is an updated Valentine present just for educators.

01/31/01 - Part I: Writing Across the Curriculum
With increased emphasis on writing in state assessments, all classes have begun to teach writing. Find great ideas to help teach writing in your subject.

01/18/01 - Celebrating Black History Month
Learn about numerous resources and online activities to help you teach and learn more about Black History.

01/11/01 - Downside of Teenage Employment
Take a critical look at teenage employment and find out what you can do about violations to the labor laws.

01/04/01 - Cheating and Education
Cheating has become an epidemic in American schools. Read about how the internet has changed cheating and ways to prevent it.

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