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Assessments and Tests - Secondary Education - About.com
Assessments including quizzes and tests are essential. In fact, one of the most important tools a teacher has in their curricular arsenal are effective assessments .
Assessment Definitions - Ten Assessment Definitions To Know
Assessments are the chief way that many teachers, school districts, states, and other entities use to determine student achievement and understanding of ...
Designing Performance Assessments - Secondary Education
Learn about the eight basic design criteria that should be followed when creating performance assessments.
Talent Assessments and How Companies Use Them - Job Searching
Talent assessments, also called pre-employment tests or career tests, are used to help an employer identify candidates that will be a good fit for jobs. Here's how ...
An Overview of the Common Core Assessments
In an age where a premium has been placed on high stakes testing, those stakes will never be higher than they will with the Common Core assessments.
Special Education Assessments of Functional Abilities
Special education assessments for functional, or life skilla, include the ABBLs, the Vineland Test of Functional Ability and Collier Asuza.
Testing and Assessment in Special Education Overview
Tests used for large groups include annual state assessments for No Child Left Behind, (NCLB) and well known standardized tests such as Iowa Basics and ...
What Are Standards-Based Assessments? - School-Age Children
Standards-based assessments are particularly helpful when a school district or state education department has defined a set of learning standards that each ...
How to Use Self Assessment Tools to Choose a Career
... to consider when using your results to help you choose a career. More Part 2: Value, Interest and Personality Inventories and Aptitude Assessments. Previous.
The Value of Career Assessments - Job Searching - About.com
Career Assessments can help you articulate a great number of skills and preferences much more clearly, provide an expanded list of career options, as well as ...
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