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African-American Inventors: Black History Month Survey
What we now call Black History Month was originated in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson as Negro History Week.
Washington DC Celebrates Black History Month 2014
Washington, DC celebrates Black History Month each February and remembers the contributions of African Americans in the United States with numerous ...
Carter G Woodson and the Origins of Black History Month - Inventors
What we now call Black History Month originated in 1926, founded by Carter G Woodson as Negro History Week. The month of February was selected in ...
Black History Month Educational Resources - African-American History
That year, Gerald Ford extended the usual week-long celebration of African- American history and culture to a month. Read more about the origins of Black ...
Black History Month Facts, Origin and History - Race Relations
With yearly celebrations of Black History Month taking place in the United States for decades, it's easy to think that such cultural observances have always been ...
Black History Month - African American Inventors - About.com
Dates patent numbers and a description of the different inventions with pages of complete research material for each african american inventor - Black History ...
The Argument Against Black History Month
In today's society, blacks are widely represented in U.S. society. So, is Black History Month still relevant, or worse yet, is it racist? The benefits and drawbacks to ...
What's the Theme of African American History Month 2014?
In 2013, Black History Month celebrates the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington at which Dr. King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
Black History Month - African American Inventors, L
Complete research material for black history month - a table of African American inventors and patent holders whose names begin with L.
African-American History Month Themes for 2012 - 2015
Brooklyn observes African American History Month, which some call Black History Month, in many ways. Here are the month's themes for 2012 - 2015.
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