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photographs of casualties from the civil war - dead soldiers
Civil war photographs of dead soldiers, graves, and cemetaries.
dead soldiers at gettysburg - civil war casualties
Civil War photograph of dead soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Casualties of War - War Movies - About.com
In Casualties of War, Michael J. Fox is a young, earnest, well meaning family man who enlists in the U.S. Army Infantry to serve in Vietnam. Fox is idealistic and ...
The Cost of War - Iraq and Afghanistan Casualty Statistics - US Military
During the Vietnam War (1964 to 1975), there were 47,413 U.S. Military ... 18.9% of the total DOD force, and sustained 2.2% (84) of the total combat casualties.
Casualty Figure Chart for World War 1 - European History - About.com
Despite intensive research by historians there is no - and there will never be - a definitive list of the casualties inflicted during World War 1. Where detailed ...
Sergeant Meserve (Casualties of War) - War Movies - About.com
Like Sergeant Barnes (Platoon), Sergeant Meserve (Casualties of War) is another rapist, fellow-soldier killing, drug taking all around pretty awful leader. Not the ...
Casualties of War - Phoenix - About.com
In any war there will be casualties, and the Iraqi conflict is no different. Some will say that losing one life is too much. Yes, it is very painful to see young people ...
Iraq War Statistics at January 31, 2012
Quick-reading statistics about the Iraq War, including spending, casualties, seriously wounded and more. Data is at January 31, 2012, except as indicated.
Iraq Casualties: 900,000 Iraqis Killed in Three Decades
Apr 24, 2009 ... A tally of Iraq casualties in war and death camps, 1980-2009, from Saddam Hussein's regime to George W. Bush's war.
Ten Bloodiest U.S. Civil War Battles - American History - About.com
The Battle of Gettysburg resulted in 51000 casualties, the most during the Civil War. The second bloodiest was the Battle of Chickamaug with 34624 dead.
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