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Articles related to censorship

Censorship and Banned Books in Schools - Secondary Education
Issues concerning censorship and the banning of books in schools.
Censorship in the United States - An Illustrated History - Civil Liberties
The right to free speech is a U.S. tradition, but actually respecting the right to free speech is not. A timeline of censorship in the United States.
How Media Censorship Affects the News - About.com
Media censorship may bring to mind government-controlled news reports from a Cold War-era communist country. But in America today, the news is censored in ...
Children's Books: Censorship / Banned and Challenged Books
In this interview with Robie H. Harris, the author of several children's books about sex and sexual health that have been subject to censorship, she discusses ...
Book Banning and Censorship of Children's Books
Why is there book banning and censorship of children's books? Why do some people want to ban or censor books, including children's books and young adult  ...
Book Banning and Censorship of Books for Kids and Teens
Learn all about book banning and censorship of children's books and books for teens. Find out what you need to know about the process and the people and the  ...
Current Banned Books Report - Censorship Kids' and Adult Books
Read my Current Banned Book report to learn about the present state of book censorship, particularly challenged and banned children's books and young adult ...
Harry Potter Controversy About Banning the Books - Children's Books
Children's Book Council , the Freedom to Read Foundation, the National Coalition Against Censorship, the National Council of Teachers of English, the PEN ...
Banned Books - Censorship - Classic Literature - About.com
Banned Books - Censorship. Great works of literature have been banned: " Ulysses," "Candide," "Fanny Hill," "Moll Flanders," "Canterbury Tales," "The Arabian ...
History of Music Censorship - Civil Liberties - About.com
The first song banned in North America may well have been John Peter Zenger's satirical "Song Made Upon the Election of New Magistrates to the City" which ...
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