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Censorship and Banned Books in Schools - Secondary Education
Issues concerning censorship and the banning of books in schools.
Supreme Court Decisions on Free Speech and Censorship
Almost all conservatives, however, do say that pornography is harmful and most attempts to censor sexually explicit material come from the politically and ...
Banned Books - Censorship - Classic Literature - About.com
Banned Books - Censorship. Great works of literature have been banned: " Ulysses," "Candide," "Fanny Hill," "Moll Flanders," "Canterbury Tales," "The Arabian ...
Book Banning and Censorship of Children's Books
Why is there book banning and censorship of children's books? Why do some people want to ban or censor books, including children's books and young adult  ...
Censorship at Student Newspapers - Attempts to Censor Student ...
It's a chilling but all-too common scenario: A student writes something controversial in a school newspaper, and pretty soon school officials are threatening to ...
Christian Censorship of Harry Potter: Schools, Libraries, and Free ...
The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling are not only popular with children, they are popular with Christian censors as well. Harry Potter books have consistently ...
Internet Censorship in China - A Basic Introduction - Chinese Culture
... online users. Why? Because China's government practices Internet censorship . Read how the government censors the Internet in China and what is censored.
Student Newspaper Censorship - Journalism - About.com
Student Newspaper Censorship - Student Newspaper Advisers Increasingly Face the Ax for Not Censoring High School Newspapers and Yearbooks.
Censorship in the United States - An Illustrated History - Civil Liberties
The right to free speech is a U.S. tradition, but actually respecting the right to free speech is not. A timeline of censorship in the United States.
Current Banned Books Report - Censorship Kids' and Adult Books
Read my Current Banned Book report to learn about the present state of book censorship, particularly challenged and banned children's books and young adult ...
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