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Classroom Rules for Teachers - Secondary Education - About.com
Melissa Kelly shows her top classroom rules that any teacher can adapt and use to make sure that their class runs smoothly.
Classroom Discipline Techniques and Resources
Many teachers, especially new teachers, struggle with classroom discipline. ... This article looks at a sampling of classroom rules that teachers can use as they ...
Top Tips for Successful Classroom Discipline and Management
You need to be selective in your class rules (no one can follow 180 rules consistently). You also need to make them clear. Students should understand what is ...
Sample Classroom Rules for Teachers
Are you having trouble thinking of a comprehensive set of behavior rules for your elementary school classroom? Here's a set of sample classroom rules.
Classroom Rules – Foundation of Good Management
Classroom rules need to be positive, few in number, and taught with the procedures that will go with them.
How to Introduce Your Class Rules (Grades K-6)
Learn specific ways on how to introduce class rules to your elementary students. Ideas include, plan what you want to accomplish, create only 3-5 rules and ...
Classroom Rules and Rights - Classroom Rights Of The Teacher ...
If you're looking for a quick and easy way to sum up a productive and respectful tone in your classroom, the following Classroom "Bill of Rights" will be useful.
"The Essential 55" by Ron Clark for Elementary School Students
A discussion of how to use Ron Clark's book The Essential 55 in the elementary classroom. The Essential 55 describes the top 55 rules for being a student in ...
Student Discipline and Behavior Management - the Elementary ...
Every teacher must enter the classroom armed with comprehensive and well- though-out rules in order to have an orderly and effective school year.
What is the Role of a Teacher?
Their role is also to prepare lessons, grade papers, manage the classroom, meet with parents, and work closely with ... Develop and enforce classroom rules.
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