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What Is a Guidance Counselor? - Secondary Education - About.com
Guidance counselors wear many hats. Their responsibilities can range from helping students sign up for their classes to helping them deal with personal issues.
How to Become a Counselor - Psychology - About.com
... specialty areas. Discover the training you will need in order to become a counselor. ... Specialty Areas, Educational Requirements and Salaries for Counselors.
Career Counselor (Job Description, Salary, Training) - Psychology
Career counselors work with people who have questions about different careers and educational paths. By working with these professionals, career seekers can ...
Marriage and Family Therapist (Job Profile) - Psychology - About.com
The professionals provide counseling services in several different areas ... In addition to the basic training and educational requirements, it is important for ...
Counseling Psychology Careers - About.com
There are differences in training and education between the professions; Clinical psychologists tend to focus on psychopathology; Counseling psychologists ...
Master's in Counseling Degree Options and Career Paths
Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) in Counseling: Master's degrees in counseling are often offered through a university's school of education.
How to Become a Sex Therapist (Therapy Careers)
Learn how to get a job as a sex therapist. ... Many sex therapists also work with the public, providing education and training to groups that are diverse. An ability  ...
How to Become a Therapist - Psychology - About.com
While people often assume that becoming a therapist requires earning a Ph.D. in psychology, there are actually a number of different training and educational ...
What Degree Should I Get to Be a Therapist? Master's or PhD?
Doctoral-level education includes training in research in addition to therapeutic skills. The research training that accompanies a doctoral degree offers ...
Should IYou Pursue a Social Work or Counseling Degree? How do ...
After earning the MSW degree from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), independent practice requires a license as a ...
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