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Holding Debates in Middle School Classes - Secondary Education
Holding debates in middle school classes can be quite effective. They also present their own challenges. This article looks at the benefits and issues involved.
How to Hold a Class Debate - Secondary Education
Debate any topic in your classroom using this class debate framework. Difficulty: Average. Time Required: 1 Class. Here's How: Introduce debates by producing ...
60 Debate Topics for High School - Secondary Education - About.com
Debates are a great way for students to get involved in class. Students have to research topics , prepare for the debate with their team, and think on their feet as  ...
Seven Facts About the Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Seven facts everyone should know about the legendary Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858.
Lesson Plans for Civil Debates and Discussion
This lesson plan is based on the idea that having students support opinions that are not necessarily their own during debates can help improve students fluency.
The Illinois Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 - 19th Century History
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates in 1858 took place in a Senate race in Illinois, yet they had national significance. Abraham Lincoln was known locally as a rising ...
Presidential Debates - 2012 General Election - US Politics - About.com
Read the 2012 presidential debates schedule. Find out where the presidential debates are being held. Learn who will moderate the debates between President  ...
History of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates were key in getting Abraham Lincoln noticed by the Republican Party. Learn all about the Lincoln-Douglas debates with this ...
3 Presidential Debates That Really Mattered - US Politics - About.com
Read about three of the most important presidential debates in American history. Find out who lost and who won these classic presidential debates. See how the ...
TV and Politics : Historical TV Ratings For Presidential Debates
Data used in this chart is available: Historical TV Ratings For Presidential Debates. The tabular data include information for each debate in a presidential ...
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