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Grant Writing - Secondary Education - About.com
Learn all about how to write effective and powerful grant proposals. Also, find out what grants are available.
Grant Writing - sources and tips for writing grants part 1
Grant writing is a difficult yet necessary process in education. However, there are many sources and tips to make grant writing easy.
Grant-Writing Myths and Truths for Nonprofits
No one ever said that rolling out a grant writing program is easy. Unfortunately, many smaller nonprofits think that it is impossible and thereby pass up an inviting  ...
Grant Proposal Writing - Tips for Improvement
Grant writing takes good organizational skills, better than average writing ability, and a flair for story telling.
Tips and Hints for Writing Grant Proposals - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Writing a grant proposal is different from other writing you might do for your nonprofit. With grants, slow, steady, and organized work better than flights of fancy.
Grant Writing - Avoid These Five Grant Proposal Mistakes
It's hard enough to write grant proposals for your nonprofit, without making mistakes that can be avoided. Here are five problems you can easily avoid.
How to Develop a Grant Proposal Writing Process
If you're thinking that writing a grant proposal is a quick way to solve your organization's funding problem, you should probably go into another line of work.
Grant Writing - how to Get Organized - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
Grant writing requires having a lot of information at your fingertips. To avoid being overwhelmed, gather these types of information and documents well before ...
Grant Writing - What Is a Logic Model? - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs
A "logic model" is used by grant writers to paint a picture of how an organization's proposed program will work.
Grant Writing Faqs - Nonprofit Charitable Orgs - About.com
If you have a question about writing a grant proposal, it's possible we've already answered it. Here are the common ones.
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