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Grant Writing - Secondary Education - About.com
Learn all about how to write effective and powerful grant proposals. Also, find out what grants are available.
Grant Writing - sources and tips for writing grants part 1
Grant writing is a difficult yet necessary process in education. However, there are many sources and tips to make grant writing easy.
Grant-Writing Myths and Truths for Nonprofits - About.com
No one ever said that rolling out a grant writing program is easy. Unfortunately, many smaller nonprofits think that it is impossible and thereby pass up an inviting  ...
Grant Proposal Writing - Tips for Improvement - Nonprofit - About.com
Grant writing takes good organizational skills, better than average writing ability, and a flair for story telling.
Grant Writing 101 - Graduate School - About.com
Submitting a grant proposal? Increase your odds of acceptance with these tips and links.
How to Write a Grant Proposal - Cover Letter to Budget - Nonprofit
Writing grant proposals doesn't have to be a mystery. Here are the basics for every part of yours, from summary to methods to evaluation.
Paying a Grant Writer - Nonprofit - About.com
Is it ethical to compensate a professional grant writer as a percentage of the grant he or she brings in?
If You're Looking for a Grant Writer - Nonprofit - About.com
Looking for a grant writer but don't know where to start? Check out this advice from a pro in the field.
Grant Writing - What Is a Logic Model? - Nonprofit - About.com
A "logic model" is used by grant writers to paint a picture of how an organization's proposed program will work.
Grant Writing - how to Get Organized - Nonprofit - About.com
Grant writing begins long before you actually have a grant to write. Your tools of the trade is information...organizational information. Even before you start ...
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