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Journal Writing - Topics and Lessons for Journal Writing
These lessons all relate to effectively using journals in your classroom. Included are numerous journal entry topics and starters to use across the curriculum.
Journals in the Classroom - Flexible Instructional Tools
Journal writing is an incredibly flexible instructional tool, useful across the entire curriculum. While often used as a class startup activity, it is used primarily to give  ...
Journal Topics for Self Understanding - Secondary Education
Journal writing can be an effective tool for educators accross the curriculum. This list of journal topics are designed to help students grow in self understanding ...
Your Writing: Private and Public - Journal Writing - How to Keep a ...
As we work to shape a positive attitude toward writing, we may find that private writing (that is, writing we do just for ourselves] can also help us become more ...
Virginia Woolf on Keeping a Journal - Writers on Writing
"The habit of writing for my eye only is good practice," wrote British author Virginia Woolf in her diary. "It loosens the ligaments."
Journal Writing in the Elementary Classroom
Journal Writing is a fun and effective way to teach your students good writing habits. Journal Writing is also fairly easy to implement in you elementary classroom.
Journal Writing - Education Glossary Definition of the Teaching Term ...
In the elementary school classroom, Journal Writing refers to the use of authentic, informal writing practice as part of the Language Arts curriculum. Journal ...
Journal Writing Procedure
Learn all about how to incorporate journal writing in your elementary school classroom. Here you will find specific types of journals and the procedure for writing ...
Twelve Reasons to Keep a Writer's Diary - Grammar and Composition
Twelve notable writers consider the importance of keeping a diary--also called a log, a notebook, a journal, or a commonplace book.
Therapeutic Writing - Share Your Journal Writing Tips
Writing is an economic form of therapy. But sometimes getting down to the business of putting words to paper can be difficult.
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