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Top 10 Mnemonic Devices for Helping Students
Mnemonic devices are excellent tools for teachers who want to help their students remember important facts. Following are ten top mnemonic devices to use ...
Blog - Secondary Education - About.com
The 10 Best-Known Mnemonic Devices to Teach Your Students · Mnemonic devices are excellent ways to teach students important facts that they need to ...
Mnemonic Devices - Homework/Study Tips - About.com
A mnemonic device is a little phrase or rhyme used as a memory tool. These devices can by used by students of all ages and all levels of study. This list includes ...
Mnemonic Devices to Prep for the Test - Test Prep - About.com
Mnemonic devices, tools that you can use to aid your memory when studying for tests, can be your biggest weapon against test jitter memory loss! This list of ...
Mnemonic - Definition and Examples in Grammar
A familiar example of a mnemonic device is the name Roy G Biv, an acronym for the sequence of colors in a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, ...
Ętre Verbs - Mnemonic Devices - Dr and Mrs Vandertramp
If you can't remember which French verbs need ętre in the compound tenses, you might want to try a mnemonic device, such as Dr and Mrs Vandertramp.
Chemistry Mnemonic Devices - Elements in the Periodic Table
May 20, 2014 ... Here's a mnemonic device for the symbols of the first nine elements in the periodic table.
Top 20 Spelling Mnemonics for Commonly Misspelled Words
The most effective memory devices tend to be the ones we make up ourselves ( and the sillier ... But it would be hard to beat these 20 classic spelling mnemonics .
How to Remember Names - Remembering Names Tips
Employ mnemonic devices or alliteration to help you remember customers' names: Ling from Laos, Helen who's Gellin', Sandy... like my sister-in-law (of the ...
"Chunking" Information to Memorize the Presidents
To remember any group of presidents, you might want to employ a mnemonic device, such as a little silly statement that helps you remember the first letters of ...
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