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10 Things New Teachers Should Do for the First Day of School
Got the first day jitters? Here are ten things that new teachers should do before their first day of school to ensure a smooth beginning to the school year.
Essential Beginning of the Year Teacher Strategies
Start the year out right with this to do list of essential strategies for every teacher, especially those new to the profession.
Top Six Teaching Tasks - What Teachers Do - Secondary Education
Many new teachers find that this are of teaching is what scares them the most. However, a couple of tools if properly used can really help you create an effective  ...
New Teacher Survival Guide
Discover everything a new teacher will need to have a successful school year. From setting up the classroom and easing first day jitters, to implementing ...
Top 10 Common Teaching Mistakes for Teachers to Avoid
However, new teachers (and even veterans sometimes!) will have to work hard to conscientiously avoid common pitfalls that can make the job even harder than ...
Tips for First-Year Teachers, New Instructors - Teaching - About.com
Being a first year teacher comes with a plethora of emotions both good and bad. First year teachers are typically excited, overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, over ...
Hiring a New Teacher - Teaching - About.com
Hiring a new teacher can be a challenging task. Every school/administrator/ committee is looking for a unique set of qualities.
Strategies for Hiring a Teacher - Teaching - About.com
A building principal typically plays some sort of role in the hiring of a new teacher. Some principals are a part of a committee that interviews and decides who to ...
Student Expectations: Tips for New Teachers - the Elementary ...
Mar 28, 2014 ... Learn what to expect of your elementary school students in this simple guide on student expectations for beginning teachers.
How Teachers Can Ease Students' First Day Jitters
Children often crave acceptance and attention from their new teacher; so by showing them you rely on them for a certain task, you are instilling confidence and ...
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