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Mohandas Gandhi - Secondary Education - About.com
Mother's religion was Jainism which espoused non-violence; Father was a Chief Minister in Porbandar; Married at age 13 to Kasturbai Makanji; Faced racial ...
Vegetarianism: Non-Violence as Daily Practice
Vegetarianism can also be realized as a daily 'sadhana,' or spiritual practice, for a vegetarian lifestyle becomes a practice of 'ahimsa' or non-violence in thought, ...
Gandhi Quotations for Peace and Non-Violence - About.com
I find it incredible that a freedom struggle can be conducted with non-violence. Gandhi espoused non-violence as a potent weapon to achieve fair and moral ...
Philosophy of Non-Violence - About.com
Philosophical Questions About Non-Violence Violence is a central concept for describing social relationships among humans, a concept loaded with ethical and ...
10 Principles of Nonviolence - Race Relations - About.com
Learn more about the philosophy of nonviolence with this overview of its tenets.
Advocating Non-Violence - Mahatma Gandhi Quotes - Quotations
Mahatma Gandhi Quotes. Advocating Non-violence in a Violent World: Mahatma Gandhi Quotes. By Simran Khurana · Quotations Expert. Share this ...
Exploring Non-violence in Taoism: Homing Pigeons - About.com
A personal narrative pointing to issues of nonviolence in Taoist practice: complexity and compassion.
Peace / Non-violence - Theme - Classic Literature - About.com
Peace / Non-violence - Theme. Peace is the absence of war, or the agreement to end hostilities. Read more about peace literature.
Japanese kanji symbol for Nonviolence - Japanese Language
How to write Nonviolence in Japanese kanji: kanji symbol nbsp japanese kanji japanese symbol.
Quotes About Nonviolence - Race Relations - About.com
Learn more about the philosophy of nonviolence with this list of quotes about the practice adopted by the likes of Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Cesar Chavez.
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