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Roman Empire - Ancient Rome and Its Empire
Information on the Roman Empire, which is understood as the period from Caesar's death through the Fall of Rome and rise of the Byzantine Empire.
What Is Meant by the Term Roman Empire? - Ancient/Classical History
The term Roman Empire means two slightly different things in terms of the history of ancient Rome.
Roman Empire Timeline - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A Roman Empire timeline of the key, major events in ancient history, during the period of the Roman emperors. The timeline begins with the assassination of ...
Ancient Map of the Western Roman Empire - Ancient/Classical History
See a portion of an ancient map of the Roman Empire circa A.D. 395. Click on the map for a close-up view. Page One.
(Roman) Emperor? - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
A Roman emperor ruled Rome during the Imperial and Byzantine periods of ancient Roman history.
The Fall of Rome - The End of the Roman Empire
From its early days as a monarchy, through the Republic and the Roman Empire, Rome lasted a millennium ... or two. Those who opt for two millennia date the ...
Roman Empire 1st Century A.D.
Maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire showing the growth and then diminution of Roman power.
Europe's Kingdoms (From the Ashes of the Roman Empire) Part I ...
Learn the background to the Fall of Rome in the context of the rise of Medieval Europe.
Why Did Rome Fall? - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Read about some of the reasons for the Fall of Rome (or the decline of the Roman Empire) and the rationale behind the dates. There are many theories for the ...
Review of Peter Heather's The Fall of the Roman Empire
If you're looking for a thorough, basic book on the fall of Rome from a modern perspective, Peter Heather's The Fall of the Roman Empire would be a good ...
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