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School Violence - Violence in Education - Secondary Education
School violence is something that concerns the entire community. How widespread is the problem? What can we do about it?
School Violence - Ways to Prevent School Violence
Here are 10 ways that teachers can help prevent school violence. Teachers are vital part of prevention and recognizing the ways they can help are paramount.
School Violence - Combatting School Violence - Secondary Education
School violence is a concern for many new and veteran teachers. One factor that was revealed in the Columbine massacre along with other events of school ...
Pros and Cons of School Uniforms - Secondary Education - About.com
Add to this the fears of school violence and student safety, and you can see why many school boards are calling for school uniforms. In this article we will look at ...
Characteristics of Violent Students
If there was a student in your school planning a Columbine-type attack, how would you ... characteristics to look for in people who explode into school violence?
Conflict Resolution Training Found to Curb School Violence
WASHINGTON--Although extreme acts of violence, such as school shootings, seem to be common in schools recently, it is actually less extreme acts such as ...
Smaller Schools - A Safer Alternative - Schools and Violence
Mike Klonsky and other small school experts claim that small schools are safer. Read about it here.
Books on Zero Tolerance and Violence in Schools
Violence in schools is a constant concern, but how can educators best address the problems without trampling on the rights of students? These books present ...
School Violence and Social Anxiety Disorder
Jun 2, 2014 ... Blog posts discussing school shootings and common personality characteristics of the ... Blog Posts About Violence in Schools and SAD.
School Violence: A Problem or Not? - Private Schools
Is school violence really a problem or is the whole thing just a lot of media hype? Two scholars writing in Self-help and Psychology Magazine think the matter is ...
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