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Alabama Teacher Certification - Secondary Education - About.com
Find out more about Alabama teacher certification and becoming a certified teacher in Alabama.
Florida Teacher Certification - Secondary Education - About.com
If you have graduated from a state-approved teacher preparation program, then you need to pass all three portions of the Florida Teacher Certification ...
New York Teacher Certification - Secondary Education - About.com
Find out more about New York teacher certification and becoming a certified teacher in New York state.
How to Become a Certified Teacher - Teaching - About.com
There are several different pathways to become a certified teacher. Every state has a somewhat different process, but they are overall very similar in nature.
Getting a Teacher Certificate - TESOL Certification
A discussion of getting an English teaching certificate including a personal experience account.
Teaching Certification - How to Become a Teacher - Graduate School
Enter a master's program in education (with or without a prior education degree) and you can earn teaching certification. Getting a masters degree in education ...
ESL EFL Teaching Training and Certification - Resources Guides ...
How to get qualified as an English ESL EFL TESOL ESOL or TEFL teacher. Information included on TEFL certificates, RSA DELTA and CELTA certificates, M.A. ...
How to Become Trained as a Yoga Teacher - About.com
If you have gotten hooked on yoga and have been practicing regularly for a few years, you may feel that you'd like to complete a teacher certification course.
Do Private Schools Require Teachers to Be Certified?
Many private schools will waive teacher certification in order to attract gifted or experienced individuals who are not trained teachers. The schools reason that ...
Basics of Pilates Instructor Certification - About.com
Comprehensive certifications can take over a year of study to complete, and often requires many hours spent in the studio as an apprentice teacher. Apprentice ...
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