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Top Six Teaching Tasks - What Teachers Do - Secondary Education
What do teachers really do? Every task that teachers perform falls under one of six categories. Here are those top six teacher tasks with information and tools to ...
The Responsibility of Teachers - Secondary Education - About.com
There are many responsibilities that go along with a teaching career. This article takes a look at these teacher responsibilities and explains why they are part ...
Housekeeping and Record Keeping Tasks for Teachers
One of the six key teacher tasks is taking care of housekeeping and record keeping tasks. The way that a teacher handles these tasks says a lot about their ...
Teaching Tips and Strategies - Secondary Education - About.com
6 Daily Tasks All Teachers Really Do · Fuse/Getty Images · 10 Tips for ... Teacher helping students - Alexander Raths / Shutterstock.com. 6 Key Traits of the Most ...
10 Things New Teachers Should Do for the First Day of School
Make sure that you teach something on that first day of school. Do not spend the entire period on housekeeping tasks. After you take attendance and go through ...
Managing Student Conduct - Secondary Education - About.com
Managing student conduct can seem scary, especially to newer teachers. However, it is one of the main tasks teachers have in order to maintain an academic ...
How to Develop Organizing and Planning Instruction
One of the six main tasks that teachers perform is planning, developing, and organizing instruction. Planning instruction is the key to a teacher's sanity.
What Is a Substitute Teacher - Secondary Education - About.com
What is a substitute teacher? Learn about substitute teaching including the duties involved, education requirements, and typical salaries.
What Is a Teaching Assistant? - Secondary Education - About.com
This article highlights the job of a teaching assistant including the duties involved, the ... Assisting the teacher with standard housekeeping tasks like taking ...
School Personnel Roles and Responsibilities - Teaching - About.com
The operations of a school requires a variety of school personnel to be effective including school leaders, school faculty, and school support staff.
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