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Journal Topics for Clarifying Personal Positions

Lesson Idea: Journal Topics for Clarifying Personal Positions


Sometimes, writing about a topic can help students form a better basis for a position they might hold on that topic. Following is a list of topics on which students can write anything they want. You might want to have them take a position, if that fits in with your lesson, or you might consider allowing it to be completely free.
  1. TV Commercials
  2. Divorce
  3. Surviving Divorce
  4. The Death Penalty
  5. Prejudice and Racism
  6. Movie Review
  7. The Spread of Aids
  8. Teen Suicide
  9. Shoplifting
  10. Getting Drunk
  11. How important are sports in schools?
  12. Smoking
  13. How Our School Could Be Improved
  14. A Cool Hobby or Sport
  15. The Best Entertainer
  16. Death
  17. Date Rape
  18. Prearranged Marriages
  19. Competition
  20. Peer Pressure
  21. Gang Violence
  22. Food
  23. Should teens be sexually active?
  24. Part-Time Jobs
  25. How a Car Changes a Teen's Life
  26. Homework
  27. Honesty
  28. Curfews

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